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Search for words in the conference title and you will see relevant conferences.

You can also search for specific field of interest or see the total conference list.

When you have reached a specific conference you will find the program and link for registration.

How to register

The easiest way is to register trough our website,

By entering the conference of your choice you will find the registration button!

You can register with or without log in. The benefit by using log in is that next time

You register at any Tekna event the registration form will already be filled in with your details. The date or details can easily be  changed by yourself.

If you don't remember username and password for log in, you can click the help button.

By using the log- in service  "Your  Site" will be opened. There you will find all the activities you have had in Tekna, also previous conference you have attended and documentation.

You can also register by calling our >Service Center + 47 b22947560/61 or just forward an e-mail to kurs@tekna.no

Registration confirmation

As soon as you have registered on-line you will receive a short confirmation forwarded to your e-mail. Further there will be forwarded a final reminder, on email or letter including details such as accommodation

Invoice will be forwarded by federal mail or now further more by e-mail.

Payment can also be made with credit card online or on-site during the event,

Cancellation policy

The registration is definite and eventual cancellation must be in written.

Cancellation later than one week prior to the event will charged full fee.
Access to documentation at Tekna web will be forwarded.
When the delegate fee has been paid for, replacement of attendee is acceptable.

Cancellation prior to one week to the event will be subject of a service charge of NOK 1200,-

When cancellation is due to illness, the delegate fee will be reimbursed if a sick-leave form is brought forward.

NB! GILA and related course on  management development the deadline for cancellations are longer.

Registration deadline

There is a deadline for registration at all Tekna course and conferences, but as long as there are seats left we welcome enrolments. However we recommend to register as soon as you know you will attend.

All events have a limited number of seats, and the possibility one being fully booked might happened.

Course and conference fee

What is included?

The delegate fee includes attendance in the technical part of the program.  It also includes lunch as well as refreshments during the breaks.

Web based documentation is also a part of the delegate fee and will be available shortly after the event

Accommodation is never included in the delegate fee and is to be paid directly to the event hotel upon departure,

At most of Teknas conferences we offer a "room reservation service" Reservations can be made as filling in the registration form on-line or if you choose to contact our Service Office for registration at + 47 22947560/61

The same is for all social events such as Get Together and conference dinner.

Discounts for members of Tekna

Members of Tekna is offered a discount of NOK 1000,- at all Teknas course and conferences,

Further benefits for members see www.tekna.no

Technical and scientific personnel employed at Universities and ..... as well as students are offered discount at some of the events. Please contact the project manager for details.

Delegate  service

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to Teknas event, both members as well as non-members.

We offer courses for the industry and official sector. We have a broad specter of international conferences where there is a mixture of national and international attendance.


To secure the utmost benefit of your attendance the documentation will be made available at Tekna web shortly after the end of the conference.  An email with a link will be forwarded.
The link will be active in a duration of three weeks after the conference. After that you need to contact Tekna for access to the documentation.

Delegate certificate

Should you need a delegate certificate, please forward an email to kurs@tekna.no
and it will be forwarded by federal mail

Allergic or vegetarian?

Tekna find it of importance to serve a good lunch as well as soft drinks during the conference,

Should you have specific needs related to food, please notify us in written upon registration and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Technical and practical questions

Should you have any questions related to the technical program, or of practical matter, please feel free to contact the project manager.

On-site registration

Registration is usually 30 minutes prior to the start of the technical program

Exhibition possibilites

Tekna's international conferences give you the possibility to meet industry decision makers from several nations. If you wish information on exhibition possibilities and prices on our international conferences, please contact Gry Rognes at tel + 47 90 95 92 20 or e-mail gry.rognes@tekna.no or Lise Olaussen at tel + 47 93 25 95 51 or e-mail lise.olaussen@tekna.no.


Are you presenting at a Tekna event. See our checklist on giving a good presentation.

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