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Small Scale LNG 2012

Monday 28 May
2000Get together in Quality Hotel Expo
Tuesday 29 May
0900Opening address
Aksel Skjervheim, Gasnor
09101 The Development of LNG as Ship Fuel from a Governmental Perspective
Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry
Jeanette Irene Moen, Political Adviser  
09352 LNG - global trends and new right answers. What does it mean for Small Scale LNG?
Sund Energy, Norway      
Karen Sund, Founder and Partner Sund Energy
1000Break / Exhibition

Regulations and environment
Chair: Aksel Skjervheim, Gasnor

10303 EU Tool Box
 The Instruments to meet EEvironmental Requirements
EU's regulation on Sulphur  
- the Sustainable Waterborne Toolbox
- compliance options
EU Commission, Belgium
Theresa Crossley, Head of Department  Implementation
11004 ECA - Stricter Sulphur Regulations: Is LNG the Key?
ECA demands - Quality Measurement
- control and consequences
- sanctioning
Det Norske Veritas, Norway
Henning Mohn, Business Development Leader
1130Break / Exhibition
12005 Status of the IGF Code
- safety considerations when using LNG as a ship fuel
- status of IMO code for gas fuelled ships (IGF) l
Det Norske Veritas, Norway
Torill G. Osberg, Head of section
12306 LNG Quality
- affect Engines
- Sourcing LNG - globally is the variation of spec a
- Preferred fuel and engines - - what is the best choice?
- pro and cons
Per Magne Einang, Research Director

Supply and infrastructure
Håkan Werner, IM Skaugen

14007 The Rotterdam LNG Distribution Center
Gate is a multi user/client terminal which makes it possible to
purchase LNG in a competitive environment.
The Nederlandse Gasunie
Piet Kager, Sr. Project Manager LNG
14308 StarLNGTM The leading Small-to Mid Scale Standard
LNG plant
- A standardized and optimal small-to-midscale LNG plant based on a wide set of process variations
Linde AG, Germany
Maxim Schwarz, Project Manager Sales
15009 Making LNG Solutions Attractive for the Industrial and Marine Markets in Norway and Sweden
Skangass AS, Sweden
Roger Göthberg, Director Sales & Marketing
1530Break/ Exhibition
160010 Brünsbuttel - LNG Bunkering for the Baltic Sea
- Technical and commercial aspects of bunkering in Elbehafen,
as well as regulatory matters
Gasnor AS,  Norway
Stein-Petter Eriksen, Sales Manager Fuel
163011 Bunkering of LNG to Viking Line in Stockholm Harbor
AGA AS,  Norway
Tor Husebø, Head of New Business 
Region Europe North
1700End of day one
1930Conference dinner at the Quality Expo Hotel 
Wednesday 30 May

Trond Gjerve

083012 Contract Strategies in Small Scale LNG Projects
- A Legal Perspective
- Quality and guarantees
Law Firm Kluge, Norway
Sondre Dyrland, Lawyer and Partner
090013 How ports are moving towards an LNG future
-Role of ports in preparing for LNG projects
-What are the main challenges LNG presents to ports
-How ports are moving towards a standardized approach of the safety aspects of LNG
-How to deal with security and awarenesa
Port of Antwerp, Belgium
Tessa Major,Technical Manager Environment
094014 Concept Design of LNG Bunker Ship - Background of demand for LNG bunker ship
- Operation Profile of LNG bunker ship
- Optimization of Cargo Tank Structure and Insulation System
- Selection of Propulsion System
- Development for LNG fuel bunkering system
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan
Kazunori Aoki
101015 Universal Buoyancy Concept
- A cost effective loading/discharge buoy for safe
and efficient coastal LNG distribution and LNG bunkering operations
NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship, Norway
Morten A. Christophersen

Operational experiences
Chair: Torill G. Osberg, Det Norske Veritas

110016 Cost Efficient Port Infrastructure for LNG Ship Fuel
A logistical infrastructure model,
- will support sound investment decisions and reduce risks for the investors
- catalyst for the development of LNG as a ship fuel
Det Norske Veritas, Norway
Eivind Dale, Business Development Leader
113017  Reviews and Conclusions why Nor Lines chose LNG as prefferd Fuedl  for their Fleet
Nor Lines, Norway
Toralf Ekrheim, CEO
120018 LNG as Tuel in a Global Perspective - A Ship Owners Perspective
Maersk Maritime Technology,Denmark
Simon Laerke, Head of Machinery

Operational experiences cont...

133019 Training and Re-training of crew operating LNG fuelled vessels
- Requirements and experiences
- Safety and bunkering
- Courses certification
Fjord1, Norway
Oscar Bergheim, Operational manager
140020  Sailing on LNG - From Concept to Reality
-Convert the vessel operations from HFO to LNG with a special
attention to the performances of the first gas engine
mechanically driving a propeller
Wärtzilä, Switzerland
Giulio Tirelli, Marketing & Application Development Manager
1430Break / Exhibition
150021 World's first Gas Power System for Tugs
- new opening for LNG fueled shipping
- 2 Single fuel gas engines from Bergen Engines
- Direct mechanical drive to azimuthing thrusters
- 1 LNG tank with 2 cold boxes
- Rapid response time
- Low emissions
Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Norway
Finn Arne Rognstad, General Manager Environmental Projects
153022 The North Europe LNG Infrastructure Project - Status and Future Plans
- An efficient LNG supply chain as driver for environmental
and climate benefits
- Physical structures
- Facilitating regulations and standards
- Economic considerations
- The way ahead
Dänish Maritime Authority
Mogens Schrøder Bech, Head of unit
1600Summing up
Trond Jerve, Head of Business Development Clean Energy
Merchant LNG Europe & Marine
AGA AS, Norway
1610End of conference

  • Date:29.05.2012 kl 0900
    30.05.2012 kl 1600
  • Venue: Quality Hotel Expo, FORNEBU
  • Area:Olje og gass
  • Conference number:1202506
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 8000,- Tekna member excl VAT
    • Kr 9000,- Non members excl. VAT
    • Kr 4500,- Speakers excl. VAT
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