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MSA/GS Short Course


If you are interested in the MSA/GS Short Course please contact:
Dr. Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans, MSc, PhD. (Geological Survey of Norway - Trondheim/Norway) directly for travel and booking information on e-mail: maarten.broekmans@ngu.no  


Dr. Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans (Geological Survey of Norway - Trondheim/Norway)
Prof. Dr. Herbert Pöllmann (Martin Luther Universität - Halle (Saale)/Germany)

The MSA Short Course will be held directly after the International Conference on Concrete Durability (ICDC 2012) on 22 to 23 of June 2012, in Trondheim, Norway.

Fees include 2-day course attendance, coffee/tea breaks and lunches, 1 hardcopy of Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry volume 74, and 1 year of MSA membership (50USD) for non-members.
NOT included: travel, accommodation and breakfast, evening meals, access to ICDC 2012.

For registration please click on: Registration

Who should attend?
The Short Course presents selected mineralogical and geochemical aspects of clinker and cement production, cement hydration, con¬crete durability and damage, and their characterization. The Short Course is intended for anyone with an interest in the detailed material properties of clinker, cement and/or concrete, whether from a civil/concrete engineering or mineralogy/geochemistry perspective.


Jos Brouwers
The work of Powers and Brownyard revisited:
A new microstructure model for ordinary Portland cement

Harald Justnes
Alternative low CO2 ‘green' clinkering processes

Herbert Pöllmann
Calcium aluminate cement - raw materials, differences, hydration and properties

Miguel AG Aranda, Angeles G De la Torre & Laura Leon-Reina
Rietveld quantitative phase analysis of OPC clinkers, cements and pastes

Roger Meier & Jennifer Anderson
Industrial X-ray analysis of building materials

Ruben Snellings, Gilles Mertens & Jan Elsen
Supplementary cementitious materials

Paul Stutzman
Microscopy of clinker and hydraulic cements

Maarten Broekmans & Tetsuya Katayama
Deleterious reactions of alkali with aggregate in concrete

Per Hagelia
Sulfate attack of concrete

Peter Laugesen
Microstructure of concrete

  • Date:22.06.2012 kl 0900
    23.06.2012 kl 1700
  • Venue: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, TRONDHEIM
  • Area:Anlegg
  • Conference number:1211151
  • Register by:04-JUN-12
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 3600,- NOK. Professional members
    • Kr 4500,- NOK. Non professional members
    • Kr 900,- NOK. Students members
    • The registration fees are in Norwegian currency. See under practical information for the right USD amount.
  • Latest cancellation:08-JUN-12
  • Cancellation fee:Kr 1200,-
  • Contact: Henny Cathrine Braarud
    22 94 75 00

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