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Professional members (USD 600) - in norwegian currency: NOK. 3,600;
Professional non-members (USD 750) - in norwegian currency: NOK. 4,500;
Students members (USD 150) - in norwegian currency: NOK. 900;
Students non-members (USD 200) - in norwegian currency: NOK. 1,200;

The Norwegian currency is based upon the exchange rate from november 2011. This rate may vary to different curcomstances.


Travel information:

By plane
Situated in central Norway about 400km/250mi south of the Arctic Circle, Trondheim is easily accessible, irrespective choice of transportation.

The airport nearest to Trondheim is Værnes (IATA code: TRD), situated next to Stjørdal about 32km/20mi driving distance. The Flybuss service provides convenient transport to and from the airport. Taxis are also available but are punishingly expensive even when shared, and even more so during late evening and night hours, weekends and public holidays.
It is also possible to take the bus from Trondheim Airport Værnes to the centre, but the schedules are more irregular than the bus (Flybuss).

See this links for more flight information:


By train or bus
Trondheim Central railway station is about 700m away from the conference venue. A train ride from Oslo lasts from 6h30 to 9h20 depending on service, and may include changing trains. Detailed information can be found at the website of Norske Statsbaner NSB

Express bus services are available to/fro Bergen and Oslo, departing from and arriving at Central Station. Detailed information is available at NOR-WAY Busxpress


By car
Driving from Oslo to Trondheim takes 7h at least, taking the E6 to Hamar and then continuing on Riksvei 3 via Tynset, to rejoin the E6 again at Ulsberg, a 500km/300mi route altogether. Without the shortcut over the Riksvei 3, the trip is some 40-50km longer, adding about 1h driving time. Be informed that speed limits mostly at 80-100 kmh = 50-70 mph are very strict, and daytime running lights (DRL's) are obligatory. Fines of any sort are very steep and very non-negotiable. On the other hand, the landscape is very picturesque and often grand, and out of town driving is generally very relaxed.


By boat
Finally, Trondheim can be reached by the Hurtigruten coastal express (lit. "Hurry route"), the former mail boat, but now more like a cruise ship. Alternatively, Trondheim can serve as a starting point for a trip towards the north (roundtrip: 9 days) or south (roundtrip: 3 days). Many add-on options are available (including Spitsbergen); check out the Hurtigruten website for details.


  • Date:22.06.2012 kl 0900
    23.06.2012 kl 1700
  • Venue: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, TRONDHEIM
  • Area:Anlegg
  • Conference number:1211151
  • Register by:04-JUN-12
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 3600,- NOK. Professional members
    • Kr 4500,- NOK. Non professional members
    • Kr 900,- NOK. Students members
    • The registration fees are in Norwegian currency. See under practical information for the right USD amount.
  • Latest cancellation:08-JUN-12
  • Cancellation fee:Kr 1200,-
  • Contact: Henny Cathrine Braarud
    22 94 75 00