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Nordic Ground Vibration Day 2012

Background and Aim of the NGV 2012

With increasing building and infrastructure development and natural resource exploitation sources of ground vibration are increasing in the society. At the same time, due to stronger building materials and statically optimized design, buildings are more slender and thereby vulnerable to ground vibrations. The construction induced ground vibrations can cause both damage to buildings and be disturbing for people.

Since 2007 the Swedish Geotechnical Society (SGF) and its ground vibration committee have organized an annual seminar. This has been a successful forum for exchanging experiences and meeting old and new colleagues. In 2010 the Norwegian Geotechnical Society (NGF) accepted the responsibility to extend this to a Nordic event in 2012.

The aim of NGV 2012 is to gather experts and professionals dealing with construction induced vibrations. An important part of our profession is the standards. Therefore vibration standards of the diff erent countries and their practical application will be discussed in depth at the event.

  • Date:18.10.2012
    kl 0900 - 1800
  • Venue: Thon Hotell Ullevål Stadion, OSLO
  • Area:Anlegg
  • Conference number:1234550
  • Register by:10.10.2012
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 2500,-
    • Kr 1000,- Students
  • Contact: Siri Ebro Engen
    +47 22 94 75 00