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Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2013

The unique event to learn of the latest research and technology developments, innovative solutions and field experiences.

As chair of the symposium 2013, I am, on behalf of the organizing committee and Tekna, delighted to invite you the Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2013.

International forum
Now in it's 24th year, this is a truly unique event, which not only pulls people back year after year, but also attracts new industry talents.

Held in the beautiful location of Geilo, in the mountains of Norway, the conference offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn of the latest research developments, innovative solutions, new chemistries and field experiences in all aspects of oil field chemistry.

Key note
For the 2013 symposium Key Note we are happy to announce Tore Tjomsland, Statoil ASA. The title of the Key Note is "The Scale Control Toolbox".

Program focus 2013
Tekna and the program committee are happy to present an interesting program where the main topic is Production Chemistry. There will be sessions in Asphaltenes and Wax, Scale, Hydrates, Field Application, Analytical and Special Studies.

Pre-symposium Short Course - Production Chemistry
As part of the conference, the symposium offers a Short Course on the Sunday prior to the symposium. The 2013 topic is "Well Chemistry & Flow assurance - Mechanisms and mitigation methods". The lecturers are Tore Tjomsland and Harald Kallevik from Statoil ASA.
The course will cover water, oil and gas sampling and analysis, and in addition the following well chemistry/flow assurance topics: Asphaltenes, Wax, Gas Hydrates, Scale. Focus will be on monitoring techniques, deposition mechanisms and available control methods. Field examples will be presented to put focus on the practical aspects.

The delegates
The symposium attracts delegates spanning all key areas contributing to oil field chemistry. Attracting personnel from academia and research, chemical suppliers and operators, it facilitates high quality technical discussions and lively debates.

The informal and relaxed atmosphere of the Dr Holmes hotel ensures great networking opportunities.

On behalf of the program committee we look forward to welcome you and your colleagues to the symposium and to Geilo.

Program chair
Anne-Marie B. Hårvik, Statoil ASA


Anne-Marie Brurås Hårvik
Statoil, Norway
Symposium chair 2013



  • Date:17.03.2013 kl 2000
    20.03.2013 kl 1200
  • Venue: Dr. Holms Hotel, GEILO
  • Area:Olje og gass
  • Conference number:1302507
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 8000,- Member of Tekna/Co-author excl VAT
    • Kr 9000,- Non members excl VAT
    • Kr 5500,- Speakers/Posters excl VAT
    • Registration nowFee includes usb based proceedings, hotel and food/drinks exclusive.
  • Contact: Lise Olaussen / Anu Helena Laakso
    22 94 75 00/ 913 48 060
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